The most incredible stories, the most magnificent examples of human love, strength, and beauty are not taught in books or schools...they are experienced by living richly.  For me, when I put on a backpack, pick up my camera, and step squarely past my comfort zone, I am home in the world.  The beauty of the Human Spirit is visible in culture, ritual, and people.  It is in the struggle we overcome and the love and generosity we share.  My greatest wish is that I may honor the people who generously share a beautiful part of themselves with me.  Through my photographs, my hope is to give back to these wonderful people and cultures, and connect their stories to a larger world.

Projects / Series

  • Portraits of Cambodia (Book/Exhibition)
  • Peace Corps: A Day in the Life
  • Botswana: The Shabeens
    • Bhutan: Gross National Happiness at Work